Hi! We're Dese'Rae + Felicidad (or Des + Fel), and we're the team behind we are for each other. We hail from Miami, but call Philadelphia home (we just moved from NYC). We're madly in love with our Chihuahua mutt and Bernese Mountain Dog, Cuban coffee and Cuban food; literature and music (occasional clashing genre preferences for both); Bloody Marys (done the right way); snarky humor (Fel has the biggest laugh); and, most importantly, one another.

Weddings are full of whimsy, spontaneity, and surprise, but more than anything, they're magic. They're hair, makeup, and champagne. Moms helping brides into dresses and groomsmen slapping each other on the back. A long aisle, two people who love each other, forever vows, and tears of happiness. They're smiles and drinks and joyous, sweaty dance parties. They're exhausting and exhilarating. They're love above all things. They're long-planned, electric moments come and gone in a flash. And that's where we come in.

We specialize in candid moments full of joy and wonder.
Des loves people and seeks out the finer details: hands, feet, a bow tie being adjusted, a proud momma wiping away her tears. Fel pulls back and captures the whole scene: a room full of dancing people shot from above, an intimate conversation held off to the side, a bride sneaking up on her groom for his First Look. We're in love with love, and we want to make photographs of your Big Day that are as quirky, colorful, and brilliant as you are.

We photograph everything from elopements/civil ceremonies to multi-day wedding events, and everything in between. We may be based in Philly, but we'll gladly come to you, no matter where on the globe you are (if you're on the east coast, we love a good road trip). Standard full-day packages start at $3500, not including travel/accommodations, but we're happy to create custom packages too! We believe that every couple should have beautiful, creative, professional photographs of their wedding day. Want us to shoot your wedding? Send us an email!